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Mettech Scientific Papers

Novel Thermal Barrier Coatings Produced by Axial Suspension Plasma Spray, Z. Tang, H. Kim, I. Yaroslavski, G. Masindo, Z. Celler, D. Ellsworth, ITSC 2011

Crystal and micro structures of plasma sprayed yttrium oxide coatings by axial injection of fine powder slurries, J. Kitamura, H. Mizuno, K. Sato, Gifu / Japan, Z. Tang, A. Burgess (Northwest Mettech Corp.)

Manufacturing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with an Axial-injection Plasma Spray System , Z. Tang, A. Burgess, O. Kesler, B. White, N. Ben-Oved, ITSC Conference

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SOFC Deposition with an Axial-injection Plasma Spraying System, Z. Tang, A. Burgess, O. Kesler, B. White and N. Ben-Oved, ITSC SOFC

Suspension plasma spraying of nano-ceramics using an axial injection torch, J. Oberste Berghaus, S. Bouaricha, J.-G.Legoux, C. Moreau, NRC Boucherville /CAN, T. Chráska, ASCR Praque /CZR, ITSC 2005

Plasma spray synthesis of ultra-fine YSZ powder, Zhenwei Wang, Rob Hu, Nikica Bogdanovic, Zhaolin Tang, Sing Yick, Yongsong Xie, Igor Yaroslavski, Alan Burgess, Radenka Maric, Dave Ghosh, Journal of Power Sources 170 (2007) 145–149

Duration and Reliability of Axial Suspension Plasma Spray Process, Z. Tang, P. Hartell, G. Masindo, N. Bogdanovic, I. Yaroslavski, H. Kim, J. Restrepo, D. Ellsworth and A. Burgess, ITSC 2010

Structural, Mechanical and Erosion Properties of Plasma Spray Yttrium Oxide Coatings by Axial Injection of Fine Powder Slurries for Semiconductor and Flat-Panel-Display Applications, J. Kitamura, H. Ibe, F. Yuasa (Fujimi Inc.), Z. Tang, A. Burgess (Northwest Mettech Corp.)


The presentations listed below can be obtained by contacting Mettech directly.

  • Axial III - Axial Injection High Energy Plasma and New Developments
  • New Developments at Mettech
  • Axial III (in Chinese)

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